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Gökhan Kırdar

30 May 21:30

  • May

Gökhan Kırdar // 30 May 2018 // Drama Stage

One of the most famous names of the Turkish contemporary music scene, Gökhan Kırdar will be at Zorlu PSM Drama Stage as a part of Vestel #gururlayerli concerts on May 30!

Gökhan Kırdar started to play the guitar and keyboard instruments at the age of 5 and whilst exploring his own tunes throughout the years, he came up with his first song “Sevgilim” when he was 15.


In 1989, he formed one of the very first rock bands in Turkey “Naturel” with his roommates, while studying architecture. They changed name to “Picture” when new members joined the band and they began their practice in ethnic, jazz and rock synthesis, performing in notable music clubs in Istanbul.


Kırdar released his most popular hit song “Yerine Sevemem” in 1990, circling masses around the song. In 1991, as his first solo public performance,  he performed on TRT’s “Beyaz Güvercin” song contest. He composed “Gece Melek ve Bizim Çocuklar” in 1993 for a feature picture for the first time. In 1994 he signed his first album “Serseri Mayın”. In 1995 he released his second album “Tutunamadım” as an arranger for the first time, presenting one of the first examples of syntethic ethnic rock in combination with electronic music.


He initiated one of the first independent music corporations “Loop Music” in 1997 and released his fourth studio album “Trip”. The album collected many compliments from critiques and praised as one of the pioneers of synthetic techno rock genre. Kırdar performed along one of the most famous artists of electronic music stage in 1998 “İstanbul Techno Festival”.

He started preparing his album catalogue “Aşkla Düşleyiş” in 2009. This multi-media project includes a book, music, video and design elements, becoming an interactive art project altogether. Including Turkey, Kırdar is getting ready for a world tour “Aşkla Düşleyiş /Dream with Love”, including Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania. His new repertoire consists of his newest releases “Cennet”, “Dem-i Oz” and “Hayal Et” along with his masterpieces “Yerine Sevemem”, “Serseri Mayın” and “Tutunamadım”. He will also play the music he composed for feature films and TV shows like “Crude”, “Anlat İstanbul”, “Kurtlar Vadisi”, “Yabancı Damat”, “Haziran Gecesi” and “Kayıp”.