Estas Tonne - The Breath of Sound Tour

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Estas Tonne - The Breath of Sound Tour

09 March 21:00

  • March

Estas Tonne with his superior musical ability added to his spiritual air will be at Zorlu PSM on 9th of March!

Born in 1975, the Ukranian musician Estas Tonne defines himself as a modern troubadour. His fluid skills when playing the guitar attracts the audience also his unique style has been recognized by the world and the music industry from the beginning of his career. His style is based on gypsy genre using the classic guitar.

Estas Tonne, travels countless places in the world and inspired by richness of culture we have on our planet. Without identifying himself with a single nation, country or culture, rather referring his music to the cultural prosperousness of the world and using the harmony of cultures in his works. Based on the root of an old gypsy genre, he also uses classical techniques of Flamenco, mixing it with classical music and creating a unique, peerless melodies. He is aiming an emotional challenge, a path when listening to his music.

Estas Tonne, who takes his inspiration from life, people, love, pain, change, sun, sky, silence and the ocean published 10 albums and numerous singles.