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23 September 2017 - 23:00

Doors: 23.00

Sezer Uysal: 23.00

Ferhat Albayrak: 00.30

Coyu: 02.00

Coyu, the founder of one of the most important electronic music record company “Suara”, will be at Zorlu PSM Studio!

Remixed songs of Moby, Fat Boy Slim and Pete Tong, released pieces by inspiring record companies like Drumcode, Bedrock and Cocoon; dominating the Techno/House stages, Catalan DJ Coyu will perform on September 23rd!

Not limited to local stages, representing us in the international arena, Turkish DJ/Producer Ferhat Albayrak, also the founder of Jeton Records, will host the night. Another Suara artist Sezer Uysal will join them as well!

Jeton Records

Jeton Records has been established with one purpose; imprint quality Techno hits to the space. Jeton’s motto is to consist and to insist on creations and productions to be held with soul, story and innovation.

The label was found on 2009 by Ferhat Albayrak, a home of his recordings and remixes with a vision to be a global home of extraordinary and uncommon imprints from the créme de la créme artists by supporting the best of upcoming new breed.

Rising a level to be a benchmark is a challenging decision, while motives people to do and to produce the uniqueness of Techno since Techno is in our lives, with our lives. Jeton will be supported by a remarkable number of respected artists and Jeton will feature family spot with these artists and contributors.

Originally based in Istanbul, Turkey, Jeton will collaborate the myth of the east and the taste of the west, as we live & face here in Istanbul every day, the ultimate culture mix of our lives.