Paco De Lucıa Anısına “Beyond The Memory”

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Paco De Lucıa Anısına “Beyond The Memory”

08 July 2017 - 21:30

This night is homage to the cult guitarist and composer of Flamenco, Paco de Lucia, by iconic musicians like Antonio Serrano, Carles Benavent, Jose Mari, Nino Josele and Piraña with whom the artist had collaborated in different stages of his career. Farru and David de Jacoba will join the company with their dance moves and vocals. Three names from Turkey who are all masters in their own fields are the precious ingredients of the tribute night exclusive to the 24th Istanbul Jazz Festival. Contributors from Turkey will include Levent Yüksel whose “Tuana”, a famous remake of Paco de Lucia’s “Palenque”, earned him his stardom in the heydays of Turkish pop, the 90’s. Taksim Trio is one of the most spectacular bands of world music in recent years, which will be on stage to demonstrate the unusual harmony of clarinet, baghlama, qanun and Flamenco. Cenk Erdoğan, a rare maestro of fretless guitar in Turkey and composer of award-winning film scores, is also among the guests of this matchless night.

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