A Dance Journey with Kerem Gelebek
10 November 2018 - 10:30 -
Doors: 10:30
Workshop: 11:00

Kerem Gelebek, one of Celui Qui Tombe's head dancers, will organize a workshop. Gelebek will conduct a theoretical and practical workshop with respect to his dance career and repertoire.

Born in 1981, Kerem Gelebek studied for two years at Istanbul's Mimar-Sinan Fine Arts University and joined the CNDC in Angers.

He has collaborated with Jordi Gali, Nicolas Floc'h, Vera Mantero, Sylvain Prunenec, Ko Murobushi, Shelley Senter, Emmanuelle Huynh, Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sizanli, Fanny de Chaille, Philippe Ramette

In 2007, he coordinated the international festival "Dance Camera Istanbul".

In 2008, he began his collaboration with Christian Rizzo on the creations my love (2008), forgetting, touching wood (2010), Erwartung, Pierrot Lunaire, The Human Voice (2010 - production of the Capitole de Toulouse theater) and that he continues on the benefit of the doubt (2012), on the solo sakınan göze çöp batar (2012), according to a true story (2013), ad noctum (2015) and on the ian syndrome (2016).

Regular - 60 TL